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Madina Assylbekkyzy

I’m a UX/UI Designer based in SF Bay Area, California. I was born and raised in Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan. I graduated the University Charles de Gaulle in France with a Management of Tourism Project Degree. After graduation, I began an internship in Morocco, where my main responsibility was design improvement of the existing company website and creating banners by using Photoshop and InDesign software. I really enjoyed the process of creating something new and unique. Afterwards I started my self-education from the open sources and software documentation. With over 3 years of studying design, I applied my knowledge as a freelance designer and worked as a teammate in creating different websites and mobile apps for fresh startups and retail companies to help them launch their product and attract more customers.

In my spare time, I enjoy photography, chess with friends, and listening to and collecting house music.

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Profile updated: 29/03/2022 15:36

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