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I am a product design lead with 19+ years’ experience and currently working Impetus Infotech Indi Pvt. Ltd, a software products and services company focused on creating powerful and intelligent enterprises through deep data awareness, data integration and advanced data analytics.

Over the last 3 years, I've worked on number of projects in Impetus right from Big data enterprise products, Application performance management product, aviation, consumer facing products.

I worked with multiple teams in pushing out great Big Data products. I work with the organisation leaders in setting up the right design culture, processes, and systems. Participated with the design team and crafted the merchant and consumer experiences for the Big Data intelligent enterprises solutions.

Previously, worked on B2C products for 4 years called and used by millions of gadgets and SaaS based software enthusiast people in India. is currently number one app/website in gadget compare arena in India.

Keeping the professional life aside, I mentor a few designers and product managers on the side and I actively take mock interviews to help budding designers in their journey.

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Profile updated: 25/06/2022 22:39

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